perfectly unsteady

sometimes the beginnings we wouldn’t have wished for

become the beginnings we wouldn’t wish away

a blog about disability

I wanted to carve out a space to share about disability. Some of these posts may pertain to SDR, but I’m hoping to go deeper than that too … to cover topics beyond the SDR experience that affect people with disabilities and their families.



enoughI remember coming home from second grade and staring at my crooked legs in the mirror. I had watched my classmates on the playground that day. I stood back, quiet and still amidst their shouts and laughter, part envy and part curiosity as they effortlessly ran...

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test postThe little boy’s parents sit nearby: a man who speaks fractured English and a woman wearing a hijab who does not speak at all. We’re together in a small waiting room with milky white walls and straight-backed chairs alternating red, blue, green; to my left is...


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